5 Reasons to work with Ricardo The Realtor, Your Peninsula and Naples Island Realtor Long Beach Real Estate

“5 Reasons to work with Ricardo the Realtor and the Long Beach Homes & Lifestyle Team”
Your Peninsula & Naples Island Realtor

1) “Ricardo The Realtor” can save you time…
When you begin your search for your home, one should always ask: “What is my borrowing limit? It is always a good idea to know what you qualify for first. By doing so, you will not waste precious time looking at homes that are below or over your price range. My team can get you started in the buying process by helping determine your buying power, your financial reserves and your borrowing capacity. LB Homes For Sale is on Twitter.

2) “Ricardo The Realtor” knows the area…
Once we know how much you can and want to invest in a new home, the next step is to determine where you want to live. If you are unfamiliar with the geographic areas, the schools and other pertinent information, Ricardo The Realtor can help you narrow and focus on your search. Our team has access to information about schools, recreation, taxes, utilities, zoning and other specific details that are important in your home buying decisions. Long Beach Homes For Sale is also on Facebook.

3) Long Beach Homes For Sale has access to the Largest Number of Available Properties…
“Ricardo the Realtor” and Coldwell Banker Beachside has the ability to identify and show you the largest number of homes that most closely match your price, size and location criteria.

4) Worldwide Relocation department means potentially more $$$ for you…
Century 21 Beachside can also provide you with “Out Of Area” buyers through our worldwide relocation department. What that means to you if we are representing the sale of your property is the highest possible offers. Small local brokers/offices cannot offer you this service and have a much smaller sphere of client base. Long Beach Homes For Sale Team knows that in order to sell your home, Too Much Exposure is not a bad thing.
5) “Ricardo The Realtor” has the experience to market your property to sell at a higher price…
If you are going to sell your home. You need someone who understands where “Buyers” are shopping. You would be surprised on how clueless some agents are.
If you are currently working with a realtor that is not providing you with results, call us.
If you are working with a realtor that thinks that putting your home on a common newspaper ad will get your property sold, call us.
If you are working with a realtor that is not holding your home open to everyone via different innovative avenues, call us.
If you are working with a realtor that thinks making a cd of your home will sell it, call us.
If you are working with a realtor that does not have a proper understanding on how to market your property online, call us.
There are a lot of details to take care of once you find your perfect home. Our team can help you write the Purchase Agreement, arrange for appropriate inspections, assist you with any contingencies and help with finance arrangements. When it is time to close, Ricardo The Realtor will let you know what to expect.  Ricardo The Realtor is on YouTube.
Buying a home

What to expect when buying a home.

Your Naples Island & Peninsula Realtor

About Ricardo The Realtor

"For all of your Real Estate needs & more, call Ricardo the Realtor." Long Beach Real Estate Agent Top Team, Ricardo The Realtor. By having multiple professionals in our group we are able to always be there for you when you need us. Our TEAM of Realtor's outperform the individual agent. Selling your home? We utilize proven marketing techniques to obtain you the highest & best offer for your home. Gone are the days of placing a sign in your lawn, ad in the local newspaper & inputting the info into the MLS. We use todays technology- via customized online marketing, our very own mobile app to get your home the exposure it requires to get you the best price. We market your home not only locally but world wide on our site that is translated over 19 languages. We can show you how our tech savvy approach will make a world of difference when we sell your home. Marketing at a much higher level is what we specialize in. Buying your home? Driving around looking at For Sale signs is NOT the way to buy a home & allow us to tell you why. The "Listing Agent" already has a fiduciary duty to his client - The Seller. That agent has to get the highest price for their clients home. As your Buyer Realtor Team we look out for you, the Buyer. We are in your corner making sure your interests are 1st. Our Real Estate Agents follow a proven strategy that works. Your Top Long Beach Real Estate Agent Team is committed to providing you with the dedication to detail & client service you deserve. For all of your Real Estate needs & more. Call Ricardo The Realtor. If you, your family, your friends,co-workers and neighbors are looking to buy or sell your home please call us today 562.533.4003 for all of your real estate needs. "Our TEAM always outperforms an individual."

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