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Rental Rates are going up, Up, UP in Long Beach… You might as well BUY!

Rental Rates are going up, Up, UP in Long Beach … You might as well BUY!


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Rents are going up Up UP!

Per City News Service / :

Apartment-dwellers in Los Angeles and Orange County can look forward to triple-digit increases in their rent over the next two years, thanks to growing demand and low vacancy rates, according to a USC report released today.

According to the study prepared by Beacon Economics for the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, average rents are expected to jump over 2015 levels by $109 in Los Angeles County and $149 in Orange County by 2018. In the Inland Empire, average rents are expected to jump by just $84, but in San Diego County, renters can expect a $155 hike.

The rent hikes and continued high demand are in spite of more than 38,000 new apartments being planned across the four areas, according to the 2016 USC Casden Multifamily Forecast.

How much longer can you afford to pay RENT?

Here are 5 SOLID Reasons to  STOP Renting and BUY your own house.

Consider the amount of equity that you could have already built. How much equity can you build in the next 2, 5 or 10 years? Equity builds as you pay down your mortgage and your property appreciates.

The money you have been paying each month as rent is building your landlords equity. When you move, you do not see a dime of this money. Rather than pay your landlord’s mortgage each month, put the cash to work for you in your own home.

Landlords determine how much you pay each month, and they can increase the rent at their leisure. But if you get a fixed mortgage loan, your home loan payments remain the same for as long as you own that home. You no longer have to worry about rent increases, or move because you cannot afford a higher rent payment.

Super low mortgage rates will not last forever. If you have ever considered buying your own home, purchasing now can result in a cheaper loan rate and lower monthly payment. As a result you will get more house for your money.

If you have a high credit score, sufficient income & you meet a lenders other requirements, there is no reason to throw away money each month. Buying your home is not a complicated process when you are walked through the process by our team.

We can get you on the road to home ownership. We have plenty of clients that have realized their first home purchase. They would be more than happy to speak to you about their experience and let you know how happy they are that they made the decision to cut the ties of renting and bought their own home.

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