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Naples Island & The Peninsula Homes For Sale, Long Beach Real Estate

Naples Island & The Peninsula Homes For Sale, Long Beach Real Estate

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Current inventory of condos and homes that are for sale on Naples Island and The Peninsula as of January 18, 2013.

# Price Beds Baths Type SqFt Garage Address
1 $398,000 1 1 CONDO 719 0 Naples Plz 102
2 $498,000 2 2 CONDO 1,104 0 Ravenna Dr 6
3 $859,000 3 2 SFR 1,201 2 Appian Way
4 $895,000 3 4 CONDO 1,712 2 Ocean Blvd 2
5 $995,000 4 3 SFR 1,730 2 CORINTHIAN
6 $1,199,900 3 3 SFR 2,502 2 Rafael Walk
7 $1,295,000 4 3 SFR 2,340 2 Loreta Walk
# Price Beds Baths Type SqFt Garage Address
8 $1,299,000 4 3 SFR 2,246 3 56th Pl
9 $1,300,000 4 4 SFR 3,100 2 Angelo Walk
10 $1,369,000 3 3 SFR 1,902 2 rivo alto canal
11 $1,495,000 4 4 SFR 3,333 2 Giralda Walk
12 $1,875,000 3 4 SFR 2,090 2 BAY SHORE
13 $1,999,000 3 3 SFR 3,311 2 67TH Pl
14 $2,195,000 2 2 SFR 780 2 BAY SHORE Walk
15 $2,200,000 4 4 SFR 4,383 2 LIDO Ln
16 $2,500,000 5 5 SFR 4,020 3 Lido Ln
17 $2,995,000 4 3 SFR 3,498 2 Seaside Walk
18 $3,999,000 4 4 SFR 3,600 2 SEASIDE Walk
19 $4,500,000 4 4 SFR 4,123 4 The Toledo Is
20 $5,495,000 3 5 SFR 5,077 3 Lido Ln
21 $6,750,000 5 5 SFR 4,823 3 THE TOLEDO
22 $7,999,999 4 6 SFR 5,557 4 Sorrento Dr
23 $8,995,000 5 8 SFR 7,920 3 Lido Ln

Information is Believed To Be Accurate But Not Guaranteed

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Ricardo Perdomo, aka “Ricardo the Realtor,” is a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty has a progressive approach to local real estate in Long Beach. Utilizing cutting-edge online marketing, which includes a thriving You Tube channel, Ricardo Perdomo not only buys and sells some of the most stunning homes in Long Beach, he showcases the kind of captivating lifestyle that comes with living in a exciting metropolitan city, with a mosaic of cultural influences, married with the charm of a beach town.

As a Long Beach resident for the last 14 years, “Ricardo the Realtor” is so enamored with the town he lives in that he has a whole website dedicated to giving insider tips on enjoying all the city has to offer. provides information on places to visit, eat, have fun, tour and live. If that doesn’t give someone enough insight on the city, the consummate agent offers a private tour with detailed community information.

Naples Island and The Peninsula are located on the southeast portion of Long Beach. Truly the pinnacle of Long Beach Real Estate. You will find quaint bungalows to waterfront estates. Call our team for your private tour today.

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Naples Island and The Peninsula Real Estate, Homes For Sale…

Lifestyles of Long Beach Tips for Listing Your Home by Ricardo The Realtor

Lifestyles of Long Beach Presents:

5  Tips for Listing Your HomeLifestyles of Long Beach, Listing Your Home,

If all you needed to sell a home was to put it in an online listing, you could go with any old agent. This isn’t the case, properties need the right pricing, the right marketing, and need to be on the market at the right time.  These are a few of the necessary needs that Ricardo The Realtor can fulfill.  Here are 5 Tips that he and his team have put together to start you on the right track for selling your home.

1. Pricing Your Home: The Sky is the Limit?

 It is important when determining what price is best for your home to compare properties in your area and when they sold.  Pricing to high is a major concern but many underestimate how often an owner under prices their property. Contacting Ricardo The Realtor, your trust worthy real estate professional, can make all the difference. His team will do the work for you, and advise you of the appropriate price range for your listing.  He will make sure that no money is left on the table. There are various strategies when it comes to pricing a home.  Ricardo The Realtor and his team, can walk you through all of them.

2. Timing is Everything

The Market has changed drastically in the past and continues to be tumultuous even now! In times like these, having an understanding of the markets fluctuations is essential to marketing your home at the optimal time.  Ricardo The Realtor and his team can help you determine whether or not the time is right to net you the most money.

3. Selling Your Home In A Dot Com World

Do not settle for marketing techniques that worked years ago. The business of home selling has changed and so has the marketing of it. There are many advances in the tools  that are essential in marketing your home. Ricardo The Realtor works tirelessly on keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies that can be utilized in providing the most exposure for the sale of your home. His  team of  agents  utilize today’s marketing  for today’s homes. Techniques such as search engine optimization are so important now in our market. Ricardo and his team bring your home selling experience into the modern world with fast and satisfying results.

4. To “Stage or not to Stage”…

We all know that first impressions are very important. Developing an atmosphere on the property that makes buyers feel welcome is key. Ricardo the Realtor and his team can assist in creating the right ambiance for the right audience. We work with some of the best staging companies in Long Beach.  We will take the time to work with you on ensuring that your property is at it’s very best when being viewed by potential buyers.  This includes increased exposure through online tours!

5. Marketing Plan Re-Evaluation: One Size Does Not Fit All

Not all marketing plans work for all properties, it is important to stay flexible with the process of marketing and be aware of when it is time to move in a new direction. Part of our marketing plan is to continuously evaluate what is working and what is not.  Ricardo the Realtor will encourage a continuous dialog with you to allow for regular monitoring of the progress of the sale. We may need to make intuitive  and timely changes based on the current market. Ricardo the Realtor will help in creating an effective marketing plan and will be ready for when adjustments need to be made.

When you list with our team it is our goal to have your property sold. So get ready for a professional sales push that will produce the best results. If you have any reservations then talk to us and lets make sure that you are making the right decision together.  Ricardo the Realtor and his team are available to assist you in all of your home selling needs.
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