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Why Now is the Best Time to SELL Your Home Before the Holidays – 10 Reasons Why

Why Now is the Best Time to SELL Your Home Before the Holidays



Top 10 Reasons to SELL Your Home Before the Holiday Season

Todays “Did You Know” segment:

“Why should I sell my home now right before the holiday season? Why not wait to the beginning of the year?”

Plenty of homeowners may have the same question. We want to share with you what home sellers about selling their home with Ricardo The Realtor Team today and not next year.

Top 10 Reasons Why NOW is the Best Time to Sell Your House

1) There are motivated buyers in the market that must buy for tax reasons. Home Owners that are thinking about selling should take advantage of the home buyers NEED to buy. Many need to have write offs before the end of the year.


2) During the holiday season there are typically less homes on the market. As if we did not already have a low inventory of homes in our area. Well, you know what this means. Its not “Rocket Surgery” after all, less supply means less competition. Less competition means more money in your pocket.


3) Many home buyers have time off during the holidays, which increases their availability to see homes. 9 out of 10 Realtors know that home buyers that “house hunt” during the Holiday Season tend to be serious buyers.


4) We can all agree that buying a home is an emotional purchase and emotions tend to run high during the Holiday Season. Strategically, having the opportunity to work off a buyer’s emotion is in whos favor? Your favor the home seller… buyers tend to offer a higher price when emotions are involved.


5) The Holiday Season reminds many people of family. The home is the foundation of the family unit. More families become motivated to buy during the Holidays more than other times of the year.


6) The interest rates continue to be incredibly low, which allows a homebuyer to afford more in the housing market. When rates are low, buyers tend to present higher purchase offers. The Federal Reserve just stated last month that there is almost a 70% probability that the interest rates will increase next year. That means that the average home prices will decline.


7) Many sellers will wait and list their homes for sale after the first of the year. This causes a lot of new inventory in January. Remember this is not “Brain Science”, the longer you wait, the more competition you create for yourself.


8)“Most people do not want to move during the holidays.” But here is where our expert negotiation skills come into play for your benefit. We can secure a contract now while your selling opportunity is high and arrange for a delayed closing or a rent back agreement with the buyers. Which means more money in your pocket.


9) Companies typically bring new talent in, starting at the beginning of the year. These new hires are looking for properties like yours now. You must be on the market to take advantage of these “Have to BUY NOW, Home Buyers”.


10) Selling now can give you more buying power later. By selling your home now, you can buy after January when the market becomes saturated with other home listings as a non-contingent buyer. This gives you negotiating power!


Remember, when selling or buying a homeStrategy Matters! Let us guide you to success. We are here to help YOU WIN!

Call us today and find out what your home is actually worth.

Thank you for taking the time to view our video about selling your home. Ricardo the Realtor – Long Beach Real Estate Team is here to assist home buyers & home sellers reach their goals. We have the marketing know how of utilizing todays technology to best serve you.


Long Beach Real Estate Agent Top Team. Our TEAM of Realtor’s outperform the individual agent.

Long Beach Homes and Luxury Estates Team - Million Dollar homes For Sale

Long Beach Homes and Luxury Estates Team – Million Dollar homes For Sale

Selling your home?
We utilize proven marketing techniques to obtain you the highest & best offer for your home. Gone are the days of placing a sign in your lawn, ad in the local newspaper & inputting the info into the MLS. We use todays technology- via customized online marketing, our very own mobile app to get your home the exposure it requires to get you the best price. We market your home not only locally but world wide on our site that is translated over 19 languages. We can show you how our tech savvy approach will make a world of difference when we sell your home. Marketing at a much higher level is what we specialize in.


Buying your home?
Driving around looking at For Sale signs is NOT the way to buy a home & allow us to tell you why. The “Listing Agent” already has a fiduciary duty to his client – The Seller. That agent has to get the highest price for their clients home. As your Buyer Realtor Team we look out for you, the Buyer. We are in your corner making sure your interests are 1st. Our Real Estate Agents follow a proven strategy that works.

For all of your Real Estate needs & more. Call Ricardo The Realtor.

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