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Long Beach Mysterious Islands? Tropical Resorts? THUMS Islands? Astronaut Islands? Long Beach CA

Long Beach Mysterious Islands? Tropical Resorts? THUMS Islands? Astronaut Islands? AREA 562? Long Beach CA



THUMS Islands? Astronaut Islands? Fantasy Islands? Luxury Private Islands? AREA 562? What the heck?

If you drive along the coast line of Long Beach, California you will notice something not found anywhere else. There are a series of islands that we all wonder… What are these mysterious islands that are scattered right off the Long Beach coast?

There are a set of 4 artificial islands that were built in 1965 for oil drilling purposes. The islands were operated by THUMS which was a group of companies that bid for the island contract. THUMS = Texaco Oil, Humble Oil (now Exxon), Union Oil, Mobil Oil & Shell Oil. There were more than 640,000 boulders brought in from Catalina island to build the rim of these islands.

The Long Beach islands needed to be aesthetically pleasing since they are so close to the shore. So they contracted theme park architect Joseph Linesch to oversee the project. $10 Million dollars was spent on landscaping the islands with waterfalls, palm trees & tall structures to conceal the oil drilling machinery, noise & drilling rigs. At night the structures are lit up with different colors to make them beautiful islands making everyone wonder… What is going on out there and how do I get invited?

In 1968 the Long Beach islands were named after the first four American astronauts that lost their lives serving their country. Astronauts Grissom, White, Chaffee & Freeman.

Ricardo the Realtor was invited to take a private tour of White Island. It was a short half mile boat ride from Pier J.

What a great opportunity to visit one of Long Beach’s most iconic landmarks. This trip out to our own islands taught us about the well drilling process that is going on. The new technology allows them to drill horizontally, vertically, straight or even curved. Many Long Beach residents have been concerned about past subsidence issues that have occurred. This happens when oil is pumped out of the earth and the ground sinks. They are now heading off any issues by injecting the voids with water with the ratio of 1.2 to 1. These islands employ about 230 people and contracts with other local firms for another 450 island jobs. 365 days a year, where contractors work 12 hour shifts for 7 days straight, then take 7 days off.

These islands off the coast of Long Beach are the only ones like it in all of the United States. We were able to get up-close views of waterfalls, landscaping, sound walls & structures. We hope that this behind the scenes video of THUMS / Astronaut Islands is entertaining to you.

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