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Spinnaker Bay & Cove – Long Beach Million Dollar Homes & Luxury Waterfront Real Estate [youtube]

Spinnaker Bay & Cove – Long Beach Million Dollar Homes & Luxury Waterfront Real Estate



Spinnaker Bay & Spinnaker Cove – Long Beach Million Dollar Homes & Luxury Waterfront Real Estate

Spinnaker Bay & Spinnaker Cove neighborhood is located in the south east portion of Long Beach, California. Our Team of Real Estate agents have SOLD several homes here. Over the recent years the property values have been rising steadily. We believe it is because of the pride of home owners to better this beautiful community and the fact that Long Beach has been investing funds in its neighborhoods.

The Spinnaker lifestyle is definitely for the homeowner that enjoys living in newer construction private waterfront homes. Many of these homes have their very own private boat dock. This planned urban development with single family homes in Spinnaker Bay & townhomes in Spinnaker Cove. Spinnaker Cove also offers its residents a private clubhouse, gym, tennis courts and pool.

There are several aspects of this great community to enjoy. Here are some that need mentioning…

1) Adjacent to Marine Stadium where you can go boating, water skiing, enjoy its beach.
2) Marine Vista Park – tennis courts, childrens playground, baseball field, soccer, cricket, kickball or just run around and have fun.
3)Jack Dunster Marine Biological Reserve– pathways meander through this reserve that is landscaped with native California plants. It is such a great place to come and enjoy.

Getting to know many of Spinnaker residents has been our teams pleasure. It is a definite waterfront playground with many of the homes well over $1,000,000 price tag. So if you need a home with a yacht parking spot this is the community for you. Call Ricardo the Realtor with any questions.
Ricardo the Realtor – Long Beach Real Estate Agent Team loves the community of Spinnaker, its bike paths, nearby parks, , architecture, and eco friendly neighbors.

Thank you for taking the time to view our video. Ricardo the Realtor – Long Beach Real Estate Team is here to assist home buyers & home sellers reach their goals. We have the marketing know how of utilizing todays’ technology to best serve you.

Long Beach Real Estate Agent Top Team, Ricardo The Realtor. By having multiple professionals in our group we are able to always be there for you when you need us. Our TEAM of Realtor’s outperform the individual agent.

Selling your home?

We utilize proven marketing techniques to obtain you the highest & best offer for your home. Gone are the days of placing a sign in your lawn, ad in the local newspaper & inputting the info into the MLS. We use todays technology- via customized online marketing, our very own mobile app to get your home the exposure it requires to get you the best price. We market your home not only locally but world wide on our site that is translated over 19 languages. We can show you how our tech savvy approach will make a world of difference when we sell your home. Marketing at a much higher level is what we specialize in.

Buying your home?

Driving around looking at For Sale signs is NOT the way to buy a home & allow us to tell you why. The “Listing Agent” already has a fiduciary duty to his client – The Seller. That agent has to get the highest price for their clients home. As your Buyer Realtor Team we look out for you, the Buyer. We are in your corner making sure your interests are 1st. Our Real Estate Agents follow a proven strategy that works.

Spinnaker Bay - Spinnaker Cove Homes For Sale

Long Beach Homes and Luxury Estates Team – Million Dollar homes For Sale

Your Top Long Beach Real Estate Agent Team is committed to providing you with the dedication to detail & client service you deserve.

For all of your Real Estate needs & more. Call Ricardo The Realtor.

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Naples Island – Top 10 Things to Know About Naples – #2 is Mothers Beach – Long Beach CA 90803

Naples Island – Top 10 Things to Know About Naples – #2 is Mothers Beach 



Naples Island – Top 10 things to know about Naples
#2 (No particular order)

*Mothers Beach*
5839 Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90803
Phone:(562) 570-3100

Located in a beautiful marina setting, Marine Park has volleyball courts, a play area and picnic sites. Known as “Mother’s Beach” for its gentle wave action, shallow swimming area and Lifeguard Supervision during peak periods. Marina Beach offers both a great beach for kids and a nearby grassy play area.


Beach, Picnic Area, Play equipment, Volleyball Court

We will be posting the other 9 reasons of why you would want to live on Naples Island in Long Beach, CA so keep tuned to our Ricardo the Realtor Blog & YouTube Channel.


Long Beach Homes and Luxury Estates Team - Million Dollar homes For Sale

Long Beach Homes and Luxury Estates Team – Million Dollar homes For Sale


Long Beach Luxury Homes & Million Dollar Real Estate For Sale – The Southeast portion of Long Beach is one of the most sought out section of California Coastline. Communities include: Alamitos Heights,Bay Harbour, Belmont Heights, Belmont Park, Belmont Shore, Bixby Hill, Bixby Village, Bluff Park, College Park, Del Lago, La Rochelle, Naples Island, Park Estates, Spinnaker Bay, Spinnaker Cove, The Peninsula, University Park Estates. This section of Long Beach offers Blue Ribbon California Distinguished schools, Award winning dining, Nightlife, Shopping, golf courses, parks, children playgrounds, dog parks, beach lifestyle, water sports recreation areas, Long Beach Cal State University, bike lanes, airport, year round events & much more. Conveniently located between Los Angeles & Orange County with freeway access to the 405,22, 605 just minutes away.

Have you thought about selling your home? Need to know your home value? Buying a home? Give us a ring & our Team of Real Estate Agents will help you. Our Team of Realtors outperform the individual agent.

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Long Beach Storm – Rain – Flood – High Tide Warning Tips on Being Prepared

Long Beach Storm – Rain – Flood – High Tide Warning Tips

Heavy rain and flooding in Long Beach Warning

Heavy rain and flooding in Long Beach Warning


Significant amounts of rain are expected by Friday and Saturday in Long Beach, and more rain in  the foothill areas of Southern California. Thunderstorms are possible and high tides are expected on both  Friday and Saturday.


Be Prepared for Winter Storms

Cooler temperatures, fog, wind, and rain are here.  Significant amounts of rain are expected by Friday and Saturday in Long Beach, and more in the foothill areas of Southern California. Thunderstorms are possible.
City of Long Beach Public Works Staff has prepared the city for winter rains by clearing 3,800 catch basins; cleaning and testing 26 pump stations as well as preparing response teams to address any storm related issues that might arise.  Parks, Recreation and Marine staff has prepared the beaches and waterways for the winter storms by building berms to protect low-lying sections of the beach; installing debris booms to prevent trash from entering the marina areas; maintain storm run-off culverts on the beaches, and monitoring the lake and lagoon water levels to prevent flooding.
The rainfall is forecast to coincide with high tides, and city staff will be monitoring water levels in Naples to mitigate any flooding if possible.
Now is the perfect time for residents to prepare your home and family for the upcoming winter storms, as well as major emergencies in general; here are some suggestions to keep you and your family safe before, during and after a significant incident.   

Naples Island and the peninsula

Heavy Rain from storm to cause flooding in Long Beach.


Before a Severe Storm…
Take the following precautions:
· Keep copies of insurance policies, important documents as well as other valuables in a safe place and in a water resistant container.  Consider a safe-deposit box for critical documents or items.
· Consider purchasing flood insurance coverage for homeowners or renters.
· Store emergency supplies and contact information in a handy location at work and home.   Consider storing some items in your car as well.

· Build an “Emergency Kit” and make a family Communications Plan.  An emergency kit will serve you well in a storm, an earthquake or any other disaster scenario.  Visit the following websites for more information on preparing your emergency kit and your communications plan:, or
· Keep your car fueled and some cash on hand. If electric power is cut off, filling stations and ATM’s might not be able to operate.
· Know safe routes from your home or office to high, safe ground.
· Consider keeping some water proofing materials handy for emergency repairs, including sandbags, plastic sheeting, plywood or lumber, duct tape, etc.
Sand and Sandbags – Sand is currently available at the Long Beach Public Works/Public Service Yard, 1651 San Francisco Ave., at the Esther Street Gate.Tomorrow afternoon, sand will be available at the following Long Beach Fire Stations:
· Station No. 7, 2295 Elm Ave.
· The Old Station No. 12, 6509 Gundry Ave.
· Station No. 13, 2475 Adriatic Ave.
· Station No. 14, 5200 E. Eliot St.
Empty sandbags are available at all neighborhood Fire Stations, except the new Fire Station 12.   

Heavy rain and flooding in Long Beach Warning

Heavy rain and flooding in Long Beach Warning


During A Severe Storm…
Use these guidelines:
· Tune to local radio or television stations for emergency information and instructions from local authorities.  In an emergency KKJZ 88.1 FM will broadcast information to the Long Beach community.
· Avoid areas that are subject to sudden flooding.
· Do not try to walk across a flowing stream of water where the water is near or above your knees.
· Avoid unnecessary trips. If you must travel during the storm, dress in warm, loose layers of clothing. Advise others of your destination and estimated arrival time.
· Keep pets inside and ensure they have shelter from the storm.
· Be especially cautious driving at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.   If you are driving:
o Know this – Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars causing loss of control and possible stalling.  A foot of water will float many vehicles.  Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including sport utility vehicles (SUV’s) and pick-up trucks.
o Do not attempt to drive through a flooded road. The depth of water is not always obvious. The roadbed may be washed out under the water, and you could be stranded or trapped.
o Do not drive around a barricade.  Barricades are there for your protection. Turn around and go the other way.
o Slow down for traffic officers at intersections with non-working signal lights.  Treat all non-working traffic signal lights at intersections as stop signs.  Be aware of utility workers working in or near the road.
o Do not sightsee in flooded areas. Do not try to enter areas blocked off by local authorities.
· If advised by local authorities to leave your home, do not delay leaving.  Move to a safe area before access is cut off by floodwater.  Before leaving, disconnect all electrical appliances.

After A Severe Storm …

Take theses steps:
· Stay tuned to radio or television for information and instructions from local authorities.  In an emergency KKJZ 88.1 FM will broadcast information to the Long Beach community.
· Follow local instructions regarding the safety of drinking water. If in doubt, boil or purify water before drinking.
· Avoid disaster areas; your presence could hamper rescue and other emergency operations, and you may be in danger.
· Do not handle live electrical equipment in wet areas. If electrical equipment or appliances have been in contact with water, have them checked before use.
· You should avoid downed power lines and broken gas lines. Report downed electrical lines immediately by calling 911.  To report a broken gas lines, first move to a safe location and then call Long Beach Gas & Oil at 562.570.2140.  If you hear a hissing or a roaring sound and smell an unusual odor, first move to a safe location and immediately call 911.
· You should avoid swimming in the ocean and bays during and within 72 hours of a storm. Obey all lifeguard instructions and posted signs at beaches.
Don’t be caught off guard, get the facts and know the risks. Take action to protect yourself, your family, your business, and your finances-before a weather event occurs and it’s too late.

Find additional information on how to plan and prepare for severe storms by visiting the following websites:

· Federal Emergency Management Agency

· California Emergency Management Agency

· NOAA Watch

· American Red Cross

We hope that this information helps you. If you have any questions about Real Estate in Long Beach please call us 562-533-4003. 

“For all of your Real Estate needs & more… Call Ricardo the Realtor.”

Top Long Beach Real Estate Team

Long Beach Top Real Estate Team – Ricardo the Realtor 562-533-4003

Naples Island 67th Annual Christmas Boat Parade – Long Beach CA

Naples Island 67th Annual Christmas Boat Parade

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

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Naples Island Christmas Parade!!!

The Island of Naples hosts its 67th round of the Naples Island Holiday Boat Parade. This sparkling event is visible from several vantage points around the island. It’s a great for families living  in Long Beach.  Each year just keeps getting better with the boat owners getting very creative with decorating.  Along with the boat parade, there will be three groups of carolers walking around the Island and singing holiday songs by the bridges.  Homes in Naples will be festively decorated for the annual home decoration competition. Restaurants and businesses also will be decorated. The Boat Parade will be held on December 21st. Big Boat Parade starts at 6 p.m.  Little Boat Parade starts at 6:30 p.m. Note that the streets in Naples close at 5 p.m. on parade night. You can access Naples off 2nd Street via several streets, including Naples Plaza, Revenna, Tivoli and The Toledo. Large Boat Parade Starts at 6:00 PM Lg Boat Parade MAP Small Boat Parade Starts at 6:45 PM Sm Boat Parade MAP

Long Beach Homes For Sale - 562-533-4003

Christmas trees float in Alamitos Bay and Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach, California.

Naples Island Boat Parade

Naples Island Boat Parade


Christmas in Naples Island where the homes compete for various awards.

Christmas in Naples Island where the homes compete for various awards.


Long Beach Luxury Estates & Million Dollar Homes

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Bike Month is here! Come out and enjoy Lifestyles of Long Beach

Bike Month is here in Long Beach!

Ricardo The Realtor is your Long Beach Real Estate Team

Bike Long Beach –

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster kicked off National Bike Month on May 7 with his annual Bike Ride to City Hall, one of more than a dozen exciting activities and special events taking place in Long Beach during May 2013.

The mayor’s bike ride promotes awareness of the annual Tour of Long Beach & Bike Festival, the annual bicycle circuit around Long Beach benefiting Miller Children’s Hospital. This year’s event and daylong celebration at The Pike in Rainbow Harbor will take place on Saturday, May 11.

Other upcoming events include Fix Your Bike Day & Safety Rodeo on May 11 at McBride Teen Center; Bike to Work Day on May 16 at City Hall and CSULB locations; and Kidical Mass on May 19 in Bixby Knolls.

An updated listing of events will be posted throughout the month at

  • The Downtown Long Beach Associate presents the Bike Fest of Long Beach. Grab your bike and cruise to THE PIKE AT RAINBOW HARBOR to Celebrate Bike-Friendly Long Beach at the Finish Line of the Tour of Long Beach!The event is FREE and will feature the BEACHWOOD & FRIENDS CRAFT BEER GARDEN, a Vintage Bike Exhibit & Fashion Show, Live Entertainment and Swing Bands, a FREE Bike Valet, Children’s Activities, Vendor Village and food specialties from Downtown’s Restaurants.

95 South Pine Ave., Long Beach, California 90802
LIfestyles of Long Beach & Real Estate

This weekend is when Long Beach puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to championing bicycle culture.

This will be the fourth year of the Tour of Long Beach, which begins as early as 6 a.m. Saturday, May 11, near Shoreline Village. The Downtown Long Beach Associates’ BikeFest will take place at the finish line from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at The Pike’s grassy area near Shoreline Drive and Pine Avenue.

“The Tour of Long Beach and its finish line festival is a celebration of the bike friendliness and bike culture in downtown Long Beach,” said Julie Meigs Korinke, DLBA communication manager. “And this year, BikeFest will be highlighting downtown’s vintage and biking fashion with two new elements.”

The Tour of Long Beach was an idea of the late Mark Bixby and Long Beach’s Bike Ambassador Tony Cruz (2000 U.S. Olympian). The tour has a variety of ways to participate with the Family Fun Run (free, 5 miles), Tour of Long Beach ($55, 31 miles), Metric Century Ride ($65, 62 miles) or the Cruz Gran Fondo ($120, 100 miles).

“With all the different rides, anyone can participate, whether you are a kid who just got a bike or an avid cyclist,” said Brett Beck, Memorial Medical Foundation director. “It’s designed to be a great weekend for families and neighbors to show off what Long Beach has been trying to do to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the nation.”

The Tour of Long Beach puts money toward the Miller Children’s Hospital Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center. Beyond an entry fee, riders also can choose to fundraise for the race — $200 raised by May 10 gets the cyclist a special Champions Club jersey.

“There’s a lot of rides for different diseases and diagnoses, but you don’t really know what the money is specifically going to,” said Renae Waestman-Furlow, marketing manager for Jonathan Jaques. “We’re really big on transparency.”

The hospital is part of the Children’s Oncology Group, working to cure cancers in children and teenagers — specifically certain types of leukemia.

“Our goal is to make pediatric cancer a survivable disease, to make sure each child is curable,” Waestman-Furlow said. “And any advances we receive here, a patient in Texas will get that same knowledge. When you come and ride and make every pedal count, you’re doing something locally, but also helping every patient across the country.”

The main Tour of Long Beach route begins along the water in downtown Long Beach, goes north along the Los Angeles River, cuts across the city roughly parallel to Heartwell Park, back down along the San Gabriel River and across the boardwalk back downtown. The special Cruz Gran Fondo will be led by Tony Cruz, and its path reaches south all the way to the Laguna area and back.

The event is trying to raise about $500,000 and race officials said they expect about 3,000 cyclists of all ages and types. One-way of traffic along Shoreline Drive will be closed from about 4 a.m. to 10 a.m.

At the finish line, the BikeFest will be a daylong celebration for riders and spectators alike.

There will be a vintage bike and fashion show at 1 p.m. inspired by Bernard Serrano and the Cyclone Coasters, featuring fashion from the 1920s-1990s. A vintage exhibit will take place all day. Live swing performances will serenade the celebration.

“Guests will be encouraged to hit the dance floor with their best swing moves,” Korinke said.

The Beachwood and Friends Craft Beer Garden is returning with a larger footprint. There will be about a dozen breweries with 20 craft beers to choose from — five-ounce souvenir glasses and $20 for 10 tastings. There will be a bike shop vendor village, free bike valet, face painting and bicycle safety classes aimed at families.

“The festival really serves two purposes: To be a celebration of the participants in the tour and the other is to celebrate our biking community here in Long Beach,” Korinke said.

Lifestyles of Long Beach & Bike Month

BikeFest Long Beach is happening this month so make sure you come out and join us for some of the festivities.

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