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Long Beach Homes For Sale
Ricardo the Realtor

Ricardo Perdomo, aka “Ricardo the Realtor,” is a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty has a progressive approach to local real estate in Long Beach. Utilizing cutting-edge online marketing, which includes a thriving You Tube channel, Perdomo not only buys and sells some of the most stunning homes in Long Beach, he showcases the kind of captivating lifestyle that comes with living in a exciting metropolitan city, with a mosaic of cultural influences, married with the charm of a beach town.

As a Long Beach resident for the last 14 years, “Ricardo the Realtor” is so enamored with the town he lives in that he has a whole website dedicated to giving insider tips on enjoying all the city has to offer. LifestylesOfLongBeach.com provides information on places to visit, eat, have fun, tour and live. If that doesn’t give someone enough insight on the city, the consummate agent offers a private tour with detailed community information.

The local real estate expert is genuinely proud of his city. He understands its pulse and all of its intriguing enclaves. When asked about why he loves Long Beach so much, the ardent realtor said, “I get really excited about Long Beach. It has everything. I don’t feel like I have to go to another city. We have a beautiful beach, a burgeoning downtown full of art and culture, communities with a small-town feel, golf courses, great public transit, and lots of user-friendly bike paths. To farmer’s markets and flea markets to concerts, art walks and boating competitions, there are so many events throughout the year. We have an airport and a seaport. It’s a self-sustaining city. It’s laid back, yet sophisticated and classy. It has finesse.”

With the Craftsman, Spanish Colonial and Victorian homes, Italian Villas, English Tudors, beachfront properties and posh high-rise condos Long Beach has to offer, Ricardo the Realtor contends that Long Beach has a home and a neighborhood to fit everyone’s taste. Many real estate agents try to take on the whole city of Long Beach themselves, but with Long Beach’s enormity and diversity in mind, Perdomo has started compiling a Lifestyles of Long Beach team with additional agents, one of which is Marisol Navar aka “Marisol the Realtor,” to help him zone in on each distinct community. This way the team can be well informed on the nuances of each neighborhood, beyond just home values. “Being involved in many facets of lifestyle in Long Beach makes it possible for us to help our clients and their families make their house a home,” said Perdomo.

Ricardo the Realtor’s personality and interests are a reflection of the city itself. He’s a complex, forward-thinking man with varied interests. He’s down-to-earth, but enjoys the finer things in life. As an artist, Perdomo participates in yearly art events, such as the Belmont Shore Chalk Art Fest where he won second place in 2010 for the overall competition. He is the co-organizer of the Long Beach Figure Drawing Group. He has also volunteered at the Museum of Latin American Art for over ten years. “I believe that art is a crucial part of our society because it can evoke such positivity and meaning in our lives,” said Perdomo.

Ricardo the Realtor loves children. He is going on his fifth year as Religious Education Instructor for first grade children at St. Bartholomew Church in Belmont Shore. He is on the Board of Directors of Comprehensive Child Development, Inc., Long Beach, a non-profit organization that provides quality child care, education and support services for hundreds of low income families and their children in Long Beach and surrounding cities.

He is well-known in Long Beach and actively involved as a volunteer in several Associations throughout the city including Naples Island where he resides. If you want to know where to dine, shop or relax in Long Beach, then Perdomo is the man to ask. .  “Ricardo The Realtor” believes that by helping each other we will continue to make our communities thrive and prosper. Perdomo works in partnerships with local business’s such as Michael’s On Naples & K.C. Branaghans to provide its residents exclusive offers to enjoy.

To learn more about living in Long Beach  “Ricardo the Realtor” call 562-533-4003, email rtr@ricardotherealtor.com or go to http://www.LifestylesOfLongBeach.com &  www.RicardoTheRealtor.com.

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